Wickedbone - Cheerble Online Store
Wickedbone - Cheerble Online Store
Wickedbone - Cheerble Online Store
Wickedbone - Cheerble Online Store
Wickedbone - Cheerble Online Store
Wickedbone - Cheerble Online Store


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The Ultimate Fun and Stimulating Exercise for Your Pet

All work and no play? That leaves your dog bored, frustrated and anxious. Like kids, your dog needs exercises and your company. Wickedbone is the best way to offer your dog the fun, stimulating and exciting exercise that he needs!

This bone-shaped gaming device allows you to operate from the mobile and play together with your pet both indoors and outdoors.

Key Features

  • 100% Automatic & Intelligent (9 Motions Available);
  • Response Differently to Dog's Moods and Reactions;
  • Controlled via the App - Play Together with your Dog;
  • Good for Indoor & Outdoor Activities;
  • Safe & Scratch-Resistant Materials;
  • USB Rechargeable;
  • Replaceable Tire Set


Weight (incl. battery)

300 g (0.67 lb)


151.5 * 64 *64 mm ; 6*2.5*2.5 in.

Operating Temperature

0 - 40 °C, 32-104 °F


Li-Polymer, 470mAh

Max Speed

3.5 m/s (11.5 ft/s)

Control Distance

<20 m (65.6 ft.)

How does it work?

Apps & User Manual: Link Here

Loved by Instagram Furriends

Summer and her Wickedbone 🐕 🙈

Loving this fun toy, offers my dog another fun way to exercise!

My Kickstarter pledge arrived today, Wickedbone the interactive dog toy

Such a cool bone and having a lot of fun!

Could not be having more fun! 🤣 My dad put it in the interactive mode and let me go!

Mama, open my present already!!! Look how well I'm sitting 😇

I will guard you with my life Wickedbone. @cheerbleofficial 🐶

Happy exercise with the new interactive dog toy - Wickedbone!

Thanks so much to @cheerbleofficial for my wicked new toy!

Still loving the Wickedbone from @cheerbleofficial

😉 Thank you pawrents for getting me this amazing toy with @cheerbleofficial!

Give meeeeee the Wickedbone!!! 🦴

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Cheerble Store Wickedbone Review
03 February 2020

It works for Oscar, but for you?...!

It took a tech toy to fully engage my older dog! While this toy needs a little tech knowledge/comfort (the toy is controlled/operated through your smart phone), it is definately beginner level. It comes with a micro USB charger, and instructions.The instructions could be better, but I figured it out. The toy seems well-made, but I will update at a later time. Wicked bone operates in 2 modes- pre-set and manual. You will gave to download the app and select the mode. I have to use it in manual, which gives me a control panel of various options on my phone , but I assume other dogs will engage with it in one of the timed presets. My dogs go nuts when we "play" with it, but it just sits in a corner collecting dust if I don't use it on manual and "dare" them to play with it. The positives are well-made, rugged so far, and entertaining for my dogs. The negatives are sparse instructions, and the need to sync with your phone every time you use it, and use your phone whenever it is working. For Oscar, it's worth it; for you?....

Mike J.
United States
Cheerble Store Wickedbone Review
20 January 2020

Still loving the bone from @cheerbleofficial on IG

Still loving the bone from @cheerbleofficial on IG

United States
Cheerble Store Wickedbone Review
15 August 2019

My Husky puppy loves this

She can become preoccupied with it for a few minutes on auto run but she loves chasing it when I drive it down the hall away and then quickly turning and attacking her. She likes to share my attention when we play and frankly so do I. The wobbles, jumps, spinning and rotations are amazing. The sellers are the most honest I've met on Amazon. When the battery suddenly stopped charging, they, no questions ask, sent me a new replacement and I discarded the original. I'm very pleased indeed!

Warren S. Goff
United States
Cheerble Store Wickedbone Review
22 May 2019

Great stuff, knocks him out

My dog treats this like his life depends on holding it still. Crunches hard and holds both sides with the paws. He's been playing with it for months now and it still works just as well as originally. Battery life is kind of ****. Lasts about an hour maximum. But my dog isn't supposed to play that long anyway due to medical reasons.

Mister W.
United States
Cheerble Store Wickedbone Review
06 May 2019

great Toy!!!

When I had a issue I could not find a phone number. At first This company was kind of hard to get a hold of: I sent them an email and they replied and then I waited a week and didn??t hear anything. Then one day a box showed up from Amazon. I was actually very impressed they just sent me a brand new replacement unit. Wow that is customer satisfaction. My Golden Retriever loves it. After a while he gets a little frustrated. But he does play with it for 10-15 minutes.

United States
Cheerble Store Wickedbone Review
24 April 2019

My puppy loves this thing!

Great toy. My puppy is very smart but gets freaked out by loud noises. I introduced her to the bone by just leaving it out around her other toys for a couple of days until she got used to thinking of it as toy. Then, before I turned it on, I smeared some peanut butter in the grooves of the tires and let her play with it by herself. When I turned the bone on for the first time, she was ecstatic! Even with all the noise it makes on our hardwood, she doesn??t mind it. I??d prefer if she could keep it on our rug, but oh well!

S. Johnson
United States
Cheerble Store Wickedbone Review
15 March 2019

My dog loves it

I've never seen anything like the Wickedbone before. Finn loves it! He even demands to play with it when I get home. It is by far his favorite toy

United States
Cheerble Store Wickedbone Review
20 February 2019

Excellent - durable and well designed

I was really skeptical from the description because there's a lot of design and technology that needs to come together to make something ambitious like this. But it -is- all here. The people who made this have a real sense of humor --- it's the ultimate toy to troll your dog with. My video shoes it in automatic mode where it responds to the dog. My test dog, a border collie mix, usually destroys toys like this, but the "Wicked Bone" has stood up to several sessions, and over 30 minutes total. The manual mode is great, too, where it becomes part remote control car and part pinball-machine-attract-mode. Our lab mix isn't too interested in it, so I believe the success for you will depend on your dog's personality. You can see him (white) in the video background ... he's just eating, LOL. So if you've got a dog that's work-motivated or high energy, this is good for occupying them. Charging, app installation and pairing all worked without problem. It does all come together nicely as a package. (Tested with a Google Pixel 2 phone.)

United States
29 December 2020

Maybe my dog is just too old

The toy itself is cool, but my dog doesn't seem to want to play with it. He just sits there watching it spin in circles. He is 6 years old and loves chasing balls and is constantly chewing on his kong bears. I think I enjoy this toy more than him, not sure if it's just because of his age. I also think if the bone were completely rubberized it could help a little for durability.

Italy Italy
31 October 2020

He loves it ... now if he would just stop barking

Enzo our 10 month old Miniature Schnauzer loves his Cheerble. He could play with it for hours. We just have one small problem and that is he barks non stop when he is playing with it. It’s a great toy and I would highly recommend it!

Sue F.
Canada Canada
02 July 2020

Mixed opinion

We bought the wickedbone to keep company of our adorable dog who, after confinement, experiences less being alone. The goal was to be able to program it in our absence, which seemed to be the goal of the wickedbone but is not possible in reality! In addition the app is not available on android which is annoying. So apart from the fact that it is not programmable without being next to it, this connect object is appreciated as an interactive game by our dog and the family.

France France
01 April 2020

Fast delivery, fun product

I got the Wicked Ball first and my dog is going crazy about it, then I ordered this Wickedbone. Delivery was fast, took 3 days to get to my house in Dallas, shipped out of LA. This bone is another hit! My dogs like to play with it, and the interactive mode gets a lot of his attention. I'm a bit concerned about the battery life though, but still good value to give your dog some exercise and spend some fun together with my dog.

Nels S.
United States
24 March 2020

Total hit!

This is the absolute best dog toy ever!

Sherrie K.
United States United States
01 February 2020

Although there has been a long delay, I??ve received the bone. My dogs love to play with it. Thanks a lot.

Yiu-Cheung T.
United States
11 January 2020

Our dog has a blast with it :)

We have so much fun watching our Golden Retriever play with it! I planned to activate it remotely from work; but it loses connection if she takes it a couple of rooms away in the house.

United States
20 October 2019

Very entertaining for my pup!

My chiweenie is obsessed. Will play with it until it runs out of battery.

Cindy K.
13 October 2019

Do interactive mode for a little while or the slower movements

I think this is amazing! I have a husky and initially she was kind of freaked out by the manual mode but she grew accustomed to it. It is so durable as this dog chucks it and drops it on the floor pretty often.

02 October 2019

Truly awesome product

My cat is crazy about this ball. He adores it!

James M.
United States
30 September 2019

Here is my reasonable feedback

This is very cool for a cat or small dog. It jumps, it twirls, it's interactive or remote controlled. It also was too much stimulation for our 45 pound dog - too slow to escape her, she just picked it up and with a few quick chomps bit through the lights leaving a shard of plastic. This was all under 5 minutes. Waaayy too expensive for 5 minutes of play - and frankly had she cut her mouth, it would have been a very expensive and traumatic five minutes. Very disappointed. The design flaws would not even make a one year warranty worth it. I am actually glad this needs to be used with the human's phone nearby. There's a sharp piece of plastic now exposed. Our dog is not especially strong, fast or powerful, so I cannot quite wrap my head around the scores of dogs they claim to have tested this on. A couple other problems: 1) body is hard plastic rather than rubberized like a kong 2) charging port is in the cover with an odd shaped bone you pull out to reveal hole (loss risk) 3) area around lights covered with plastic / weaker than rest of bone 4) too easy for dog to pick up/grab Bottom line: It is SUPER cool, but I cannot recommend it for an active chewer able to get a good grip on this bone.

H. Sapiens
United States
07 June 2019

My dog LOVES this thing!

My dog has been really down since the loss of a buddy. Timing does not allow for us to adopt a new buddy for a few months. By the second day this had him up barking playing and having the best time. It takes a beating I could see where it might scare a few pets but I went real easy with it the first day and ramped it up more every day. It has surpassed my hopes for perking my little guy up. The only down side is the little silicone protector for the charging port. I totally understand the manufacturers reason for not having it attached but even being careful it is so tiny I know that eventually it could be lost easily. I have not called about it and I have not found it on the website for replacement parts. I would assume they could get me one if necessary. That said, this is the greatest toy I ever bought and worth the price. (It is less expensive on the manufacturers web site however I looked at the tires and the shipping was $14.00 for a set of tires they were selling for around $8.00. The shipping killed that order for me. Right now I am not worried. It is GREAT.

United States