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How Does it Work?

We need a new toy that can tackle their boredom and separation anxiety, while simultaneously making sure that they have constant access to forms of exercise while we are away. So we have invented a SMART TOY that will allow our pets to play with a moving object the way nature intended. With your help, we can give our best friends the ability to keep happy and healthy while being entertained throughout the day.


Easy to Set

Wicked Ball has 3 reaction modes for interaction: gentle, normal and active.
You decide which mode suits your pet best.
It’s super easy to decide which mode to choose, and most importantly, NO APP REQUIRED!!! Just open the outer shell, press the button on Wicked Core for 3 seconds to turn it on. The mode then switches every time you press the button of Wicked Core. Different colors of the LED signal different modes. Green is for gentle. Blue is for normal. Pink is for active.

Intelligent Companion Mode

The "Intelligent Companion Mode" means a cycle of “10 minutes of active play + 30 minutes of rest”. During the 30 minutes rest time, the cycle can be RESET when Wicked Ball is pushed or hit by your pets. If Wicked Ball is not touched in this period it will AUTOMATICALLY RESTART the cycle of 10 minutes play and 30 minutes rest. Why does Wicked Ball have this algorithm? For those pets who love Wicked Ball, it allows them to have as much fun as they want. For those lazy pets who love Wicked Ball, it teases your pets pro-actively after the 30 minutes of rest in order to engage the lazy cat and dog to be more active.


Say Hello to a Safer Toy

As well as being safe for your pets we have also taken great care to make sure that when you open Wicked Ball’s outer shell it will stop running immediately. Making it safe and secure for both you and your pet. The material that we used on the inner layer of our outer shell is polycarbonate, therefore, the hardness is relatively high. For the outer layer, we use TPU, therefore, relatively soft but also has a protective effect on pets.

Wicked Ball of Wool

A wool style of Wicked Ball designed specifically for your cat

We all know the joy our cats get by chasing a cute woolen ball, but not that much movement from your lovable feline friend is required. Now imagine if we can get that ball to jump, roll and move, it means double the excitement and ten times the exercise for our cats, again no operation is required from the owner it can keep them entertained all day while we are away. Made from safe materials targeted specifically to please your cat senses of touch and sight.

Have Fun in The Water

We have done extensive testing on Wicked Ball to an IPX67 standard and it has performed exceptionally. As long as the outer shell of Wicked Ball is on tightly and securely it can be put in water directly and runs smoothly and safely. This allows you and your pet to have just as much fun with Wicked Ball in the water as on land. 

Automatic Obstacle Avoidance

Cheerble Wicked Ball has a built-in collision sensor. When it hits an obstacle, it will reverse itself and move away, meaning it won’t get stuck in tight spots, even if it were to get stuck in a hole, it would be able to jump out by itself.


Customize Your Wicked Ball

We have 4 colors for you to choose from, you can mix and match different colors to create you and your pets own custom style. Keep Wicked Ball stylish, exciting and stimulating and help your pet to be healthier and happier. 

Designed to Reward

For those whose pets are only motivated by food (and let's be honest most pets are!) We have created a snack hole designed for placing pet food. It is the perfect feature to attract lazy and hungry pets and now they will be able to eat their favorite snacks while getting exercise at the same time; It is a win-win situation for you and your pet!


Durable and Paw Proof

Made with industrial grade materials selected specifically for their toughness, the outer shell is made of environmentally-friendly material, safe for us and more importantly for our pets.

We have considered and tested Wicked Ball on more than 100 different types of dogs and cats to test all aspects and range of biting, gnawing and scratching, and we are proud to say Cheerble Wicked Ball passes the durability test. 

Wicked Ball is Rechargeable

Charging Wicked Ball is super-easy, with its Micro USB charging cable. It’ll take 1 hour to fully charge.  


Test of Battery Life

We have tested the battery life of Wicked Ball for more than 50 times. After testing, the playtime depends on Wicked Ball and pets' interaction time. The maximum playtime is up to 8 hours.

How to Get Started

Follow the instructions below and in no time, your furry friend will be having fun with Wicked Ball. 


What’s in the Box


Dimensions & Specifications

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Matthew C.
United States United States

I never recieved mine, it's been over a month.

Not sure if you guys are scamming people or not but I ordered one a while ago. Like over a month ago. It went out for delivery, then it said it was rescheduled. Never re delivered. Company kept my money. Never recieved. DO NOT BUY. 1 star is too many.

Mattias H.
Sweden Sweden

Tierd of bad support

Hi So i order a ball to my cat a long time ago. But the package sent to me was not labels correctly for the customs so it was not accepted into the country (All packaged need proper customs labels) So try to reach out to support for help to get a refund ore a new package with correct customs labels. So far a got one answer Here is your tracking number (The tracking number I got) please wait 24 h so the tracking number is updated in the system. Email back but nothing is returned so now i will try to get some response. Can you please contact me ? Sorry to everybody else this is not a review on the product if i ever get a boll i can make a new one....

Cheerble Store

Hello Mattias, We feel deeply sorry for your experiences. We have sent another Wicked Ball with the right documents required by your country's custom. We did our researches jointly with our shipping agencies on the document required by the customs and realized that one file was missing in the original order. Sincere apologies from us! Regarding our customer services, we have deployed additional resources to our customer services. Emails will be replied within 3 business days, and we will also keep our Facebook Page active for product updates. Thanks for your love and patience. My colleague will write you an email to update you with the new shipping information. Thanks. Best, Your Cheerble Team

Patrick W.

Really interesting product! My dogs' lovin it!

To be honest I was more excited than my dog to unpack it and give it to my cute lil derp. Lol. She's been enjoying it. The wicked ball has become my dog's buddy now. She would take it alsmost everywhere she goes, even when we are out for a walk. I have been actively searching similar interactive toys for her and this is so far the best product with very high cost-efficiency. Great great product, please keep it up!

Brazil Brazil

Send to Brazil

I would like to buy to ship to Brazil. In the registration for shipping has no option for Brazil. Can you help me?

Sam S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

No good for a chewer!

I discovered this ball on indiegogo.com and contributed to the fund to develop the idea. I was so excited to finally receive the ball that would keep my ball loving french bulldog entertained. The initial impression was fantastic ... nice feel, excellent quality, good design and well made. We charged it up, turned it on and watch Yoda (the frenchie) go into overdrive with excitement. We put the ball on Red (active) mode and sure enough it went frantic lol. All was well for about 20 mins until the ball was cornered, pinned down and chewed. We now have to limit play to 10 mins a night otherwise it would have been destroyed. The hard shell has deep tooth marks and the plastic ring that lies between the two halves was removed in the first 5 mins of play. Our only suggestion for an improvement to this product would be to make the outer shell out of rubber (or similar) that is hard to get teeth into. Overall this ball is fantastic and I am sure a less determined dog would get hours of entertainment with it. Please don't be put off buying. FYI - Yoda is large (17 kg, 19" neck and 26" chest) for a french bulldog and also very determined when it comes to balls and their destruction. Thankfully his soft toys are not treated the same way.