A tiny smart ball for your cat's entertainment

Cheerble Ball

Most cat-friendly fountain on Earth



Pet Fountain

Keep your cat happy when you're away.



Automatic and Interactive Pet Companion

Wicked Ball

More Engaged Playtime and Motivate Your Pet To Exercise



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Raised on Indiegogo & Kickstarter

Since 2016

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Since 2016

Cheerble Ball

A tiny smart ball for your cat's entertainment

Wicked Ball

Interactive Smart Toy Ball for Dog & Cat

Board Game

Keep your cat happy when you're away


Interactive Smart Companion Toy for Dog And Dog Parents

Smart Toy Provides More Engaged Exercise  

Overweight puts excess strain on a pet's heart and joints, and can cause diabetes, chronic skin infections, heatstroke, and other medical problem.


Wicked Ball            

Interactive Toy Helps With Separation Anxiety

Interactive toy helps to distract them from your absence and provide mental stimulation and anxiety relief.

Genuine Feedback From Insta Friends

Dear friends, this is by far the best game I've ever had!! If you could pick another nice Christmas present, I would definitely choose this one!

Acaba de llegar mi mueva Cherblee WickedBall para Gatito!

Cheerful with my Cheerble Board Game 😸 Awesome interactive scratcher toy 🤩 I love it so much

I LOVE MY CHEERBLE! It encourages exercise and keeps me busy during the day when my hoomans are busy.

I got my Automatic Cheerble Ball with Synthetic Fiber Cover and Cool LED Lights!
I love playing with Cheerble Scratcher and snuggle afterwards 😉

We have received your wonderful product and the cats love it.

Y’all see this fantastic gift right?

I’m thankful for this ball. This ball is the most amazing ball I’ve ever owned!...

Interactive toy and I am quite happy about it and I follow it everywhere😻.

Playing with my new ball! 🎾 I really love it, it’s so much fun to run after it! .

Christmas came early for Fox 🦊🎁. Great gift choice!

This Wicked Ball of wool has successfully replaced my job to expend all my cat’s energy...

When your @cheerbleofficial ball runs out of charge 😰

... I looove chasing it! It bounces and rolls on its own 🥎...

Professional footballer. 😍🐾🐕


Finally got my wicked ball!😍

Finally got new kickstarted cat toy! Open it up already! 🐱

Hooman bought me a Wicked Ball and it’s confusing. I tries to bites it and it rwuns away from mees 😖

I will guard you with my life Wickedbone. @cheerbleofficial 🐶

Happy exercise with the new interactive dog toy - Wickedbone!

Thanks so much to @cheerbleofficial for my wicked new toy!

Still loving the Wickedbone from @cheerbleofficial

😉 Thank you pawrents for getting me this amazing toy with @cheerbleofficial!

Give meeeeee the Wickedbone!!! 🦴

Summer and her Wickedbone 🐕 🙈

Loving this fun toy, offers my dog another fun way to exercise!

My Kickstarter pledge arrived today, Wickedbone the interactive dog toy

Such a cool bone and having a lot of fun!

Could not be having more fun! 🤣 My dad put it in the interactive mode and let me go!

Mama, open my present already!!! Look how well I'm sitting 😇

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Testimonials from Amazon

Jake R.

My dog, Cooper (a 2 yrs old Frenchie) always has separation anxiety when we leave the house. But now the Wicked Ball does a decent job of directing his attention away.

Warren S. Goff

She can become preoccupied with it for a few minutes on auto run but she loves chasing it when I drive it down the hall away and then quickly turning and attacking her. She likes to share my attention when we play and frankly so do I. The wobbles, jumps, spinning and rotations are amazing.


I have a very clingy dog, and there are times wherein I can't do anything productive because of how clingy he is, and it's nice to have something that entertains him while I do the things I need to do. Having this ball took dog parenting to a whole new level!


My cats instantly were drawn to the ball. My kitten loves pestering my older cat for play time, and his one automatic toy had started to run down on us. I’m so happy with this purchase!

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