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The delightfully smart, fun and wicked bone that will keep your dog entertained all day.
Wickedbone has two modes for different moments and experiences. 
Dogs love bones, but conventional bones are overrated. They quickly evaporate in a dog’s mouth, and they often cause gastric problems and one big mess, without offering any interaction or playing opportunities. Now meet Wickedbone, a bone-shaped interactive gaming device that performs like a truly smart, fun and excitingly wicked companion of your dog.

We’re very passionate about improving the lives of the dogs and since our goal is to bring technology and innovation into our daily lives, we believe that our dogs need something other than the plate and ball that’s more tech-forward and more fun to play. 

With Wickedbone, you could train your dog to catch moving objects and more importantly, deepen the bonds through the interaction.


Wickedbone has been designed to be as safe, soft and strong as you want it and as your dog needs it to be. Made of Polycarbonate and TPU, it feels sufficiently soft when your dog catches it with her mouth, or when she touches it with her paws. 

The material of the body and the tires are certified, safe for humans and pets. The inner part is made of safe PC material, we recommend that you stop using it if the shell is damaged.

At the same time, it is sufficiently strong to resist the normal impact of a dog’s play time, which means that you can count on Wickedbone to be there for you and your dog for a long time. It is also designed for a perfectly safe playing experience – both for you and for your dog.


The tires of Wickedbone is easy to clean: its detachable tires can be quickly and conveniently cleaned.
Charging Wickedbone is also super-easy, with its Micro USB charging cable. Charged once for 1 hour, Wickedbone lasts over 40 minutes in the drive mode, over 4 hours in the interactive mode and 3 months in sleep mode.
We have 5 colors of tires for you to choose. You could even mix and match different colors to create your customized Wickedbone.  
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The shell and tires of Wickedbone are made of FDA approved material that’s absolutely safe for both humans and pets.
You can control Wickedbone directly via Wickedbone app.
No, but the removable tires are water resistant and could be cleaned with water.


1. What is Wickedbone's control range? Wickedbone’s maximum control range is approximately 20 m, but that range may vary according to your environment.
We adopt Bluetooth for our communication protocol since it’s a very low power solution compared to Wi-Fi, which means that the Wickedbone isn’t internet enabled (yet!).
Wickedbone works on both carpets and flat surfaces. Action may be limited while playing on super thick carpets and grass.
We’ve played with a few pets at a time, so your pups should be fine!


1. How long does the battery last? Charged once for 1 hour, Wickedbone lasts over 40 minutes in the drive mode, over 4 hours in the interactive mode and 3 months in sleep mode.

Updating Firmware

1. How can I update my Wickedbone's firmware? You can update Wickedbone’s firmware via the Wickedbone app.
If the update fails, reconnect your Wickedbone to the Wickedbone app and try again.
Not at this time.

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Susan henritzy

Great babysitter

First time order, I have a golden retriever and babysit my sons German shepard,they are both 2 years old,this is the cutest thing I ever saw, easy to set up on tablet does alot of things,both dogs are enamored by it (in fact I have to admit I like playing with it myself)!hope in the future maybe more shapes